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Minor Set Backs

May 23, 2010

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous day.

Minor set backs seems to be the theme of today…

It is hard to believe that I have been preparing to take the MCAT since October 2009. The original test date I signed up for was April 10th, which was the pushed back to May 21st. So yesterday I took was supposed to take the MCAT. This past Monday I took a practice MCAT and I realized that my low scores were not going to magically improve over night. After a lot of thought and planning I made the difficult decision of once again changing my test date.

I have always been a diligent and hard working student. Studying has always allowed me to escape the world around me. I love the feeling of working hard and seeing it pay off when you ace an exam. So why wasn’t my MCAT score dramatically improving?

Throughout my studying experience for the MCAT I was constantly reminded by my Mom that the exam was NOT an obstacle and was actually an opportunity.  Each time she said this I verbally agreed but I didn’t take the lesson to heart.  I was viewing the MCAT as the only obstacle standing between me and medical school.

The MCAT is no longer an obstacle. I am excited for the challenge of this standardized exam. The key to not letting this minor set back change my attitude. Extra time is a blessing.

My new attitude!


Hal Higdon’s Post Marathon training scheduled called for 45-60 minutes of running today.  This recovery program explains that the long runs should be thought of in minutes rather than miles.  The schedule calls for the runner to listen to his/her body and not to worry about speed or distance.

May 11th I finished my last exam and headed home for a few weeks before I start my summer research at the university. Being home has been wonderful and it has allowed me to run with my running buddy, my Dad, almost every day 🙂

We decided to mix things up today and run where we would meet when training for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon.

We didn’t decide that we were going to run out of town until noon and I hadn’t eaten since eight. As anyone could tell you in my family… a rumbling stomach means a grumpy Kate. To my surprise I wasn’t irritated during my run but I felt fatigued and tired. We planned to run around five miles but I had to stop running twice.  I didn’t feel discouraged but I felt my body was sluggish and awkward. The key was that I didn’t put the proper fuel in my body.

*Note this was not a good breakfast to have before my long run this week. I had a bowl of Original Puffins and a pear. Since I have been home I have been eating this wonderful cereal but I realized today that the lack of energy I have had lately could be linked to my breakfast food.  Looks like I need to plot out my nutrition plan. More on that tomorrow…

Puffins Cereal

Have a great rest of your day!

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