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A researching we will go…

June 25, 2010

A researching we will go, a researching we will go, Heigh ho, the dairy-o, a researching we will go!

For this post we should change the lyrics from hunting to researching because I have been doing lots of it!  Well let me back up a little bit…

In the Fall my Dad traded in his frequent flier miles for a few gadgets including a flatscreen tv, Garmin watch, wii, and a wii fit.  Typically these items would have been a little too extravagant for my families taste… but the miles were expiring… so why not?!

For the training leading up to the Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon my Dad used the Garmin for our runs together and apart.  At first I felt like that watch was unnecessary but as the mileage began to add up I became increasing curious about our stats (mileage, pace, elevation, etc).  I liked knowing the exact distance and pace of our long runs together.

Since I have been staying at school over the summer (for my research position) I have been training  for the Spirit of Columbus Half Marathon on campus too.  There are the standard two and three mile routes that I typically follow but I am bored with the scenery and wishing I had the freedom to track my mileage/pace without having to run the same route every time.  So I have been doing a lot of research on Garman watches…

So far I really like the Forerunner205… the only difference between the Forerunner205 and Forerunner305(besides the colors) is that the 305 gives a heart rate and optional bike cadence sensor.


Do you have a Garmin watch? What would you recommend?

After a day of MCAT studying I am thankful that it is Friday! I have been craving cupcakes so I reached for a quick and easy solution:

Just lined:



And Baked…

Yummy 🙂 Dark Chocolate Chips on my Gluten Free Cupcake!

Have a great rest of your Friday! I am off for more MCAT studying…

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