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Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

June 28, 2010

Oh what a wonderful morning….

Last night there was a huge thunderstorm.. lightening, thunder, slanted rain, the whole bit.  The radar had our town in the pink zone… apparently pink is a bad thing.

But this morning it was the calm after the storm.  I came home this weekend on a whim that I missed my family… anyway this morning I woke up at six and walked two miles with my mom.  It was cool and not humid at all! I even wore a light jacket!!

So Dad and I headed out for my five mile run around 8.  I was excited to run since my training hasn’t been very consistent here lately.  As soon as we started running the humidity started getting really thick… but with all of my strength we successfully finished our 5 miles!

On to gluten-free bread!!

To make the perfect whole-grain gluten-free sandwich bread follow these simple easy directions!

Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread


Makes one 8-inch loaf

2 tablespoons organic canola oil                   1/2 cup millet

1 1/2 cups warm (115 degree F) water          1 cup brown rice flour

1 cup soy flour                                                   1/2 cup teff flour

5 tsp active dry yeast (room temp)               2 1/2 teaspoons xanthan gum

3 large eggs (room temp)                               2 teaspoons unsulfured molasses

2 teaspoons course salt

Step 1: Whisk together flours, yeast, and xanthan gum.

Step 2: Add 1/2 cup of millet to a skillet and gradually add 1/2 cup of water (115 degree).  Bring mixture to a boil, remove from heat, and let stand.

Step 3: Whisk together eggs, molasses, salt, and oil.

Step 4: Beat in 1 cup water (115 degree) to the prepared millet mixture.

Step 5: Add ingredients into the bread maker in this specific order:

1. Wet ingredients: Mixture from Step 3 then mixture from Step 4.

2. Mixtures of flours.

3. Yeast.

Step 6: Close bread maker and choice Gluten Free Bread option.

Step 7: Cut bread and enjoy!

Tips I have learned from making gluten-free bread:

1.  Slice the bread after it has cooled and place into individual freezer bags and then put into the freezer.

Gluten-free bread has a tendency to mold quickly due to moisture.   Freezing the bread allows for a    longer shelf life and the ease of toasting a few pieces at a time.

2.  Add wet ingredients followed by dry ingredients into the bread maker.  Add yeast last.

3.  Use a bread maker with a gluten-free setting.

The gluten-free setting allows the gluten-free dough to knead and rise once.  Over kneading causes the bread to not rise properly and leads to a flat, lifeless bread.

4.  Don’t substitute ingredients.

Gluten-free beads have been perfected with a specific type/amount of ingredients.  If you are wanting to alter the bread you can change ingredients but you will end up experimenting to get the same consistency.

5. RED STAR® Active Dry Yeast and RED STAR® QUICK•RISE™ Yeast are two types of yeast that can be used by gluten-intolerant individuals.

Final Product:

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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